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Are you weary of rising early every morning solely to open the roost bar on your nest box so your hens can begin laying?

Ensuring your hens have access to their nest box first thing in the morning is critical to maintaining their regular egg production cycle and wellness. But who wants to sacrifice their precious sleep in order to complete this minor task?

At last, this daily chore can be executed automatically with our AutoRoost 2.0, allowing you to rest easy knowing your hens are stress-free and have immediate access to their nest box. 

How it works:

  1. Install AutoRoost, Spring, & Bracket to your nest box.

  2. Connect the power cord to a standard 120V electrical outlet or purchase the optional 12V Solar Panel (sold separately).

  3. After collecting eggs each day, raise the roost bar on your nest to keep hens from nesting overnight & creating a manure mess. Once the roost is lifted, the bracket will firmly attach to the AutoRoost due to its powerful magnet.

  4. Sleep-in! Your nest box is open and ready for your hens to start laying clean & unbroken eggs. 

No programming required. All AutoRoost come pre-programmed to open at 4am EST, with the ability to adjust the time if desired.

Designed to work for either front or rear rollout nest configurations!


  • Roost bar spring

  • Roost bar bracket

  • AC power cord

Note - Older nest box models may require slight drilling modifications.

We ship worldwide - See estimated Canada brokerage fees here.

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