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The Celadon quail are a very unique variety of the Coturnix quail because they lay a blue egg, including some with speckles. The blue quail egg is caused by a recessive gene called the celadon gene. Fortunately our Celadon quail lay blue eggs, 100% of the time. There are some Celadon quail that do not have the gene and will not lay 100% blue eggs. The Celadon gene is considered an important trait for the Celadon enthusiats and breeders. Celadon quail can have a variety of feather patterns. 


  • Lay 300+ eggs per year
  • Cold & heat hardy
  • Superfood egg
  • Mature at six weeks and begin to lay around 6-8 weeks old
  • Perfect for any home in a HOA, they sound like a song bird

We also offer Celadon quail hatching eggs.


Live Bird Options:

Celadon Quail Chicks (10 count, st run)

Celadon Quail Juvenile Flock (5 or 10 count, st run) (approx 2-3 weeks old, partially feathered)

Celadon Quail Adults - (1 ea, unsexed/st run) (approx 5-6 weeks old, fully feathered)

Celadon Quail Breeders (6 Adults, unsexed/st run) (approx 5-6 weeks old, fully feathered)


***New flock owners, new to quail we would recommend the juvenile or adults. Chicks are very fragile and sensitive. Having raised quail will make the experience more pleasant and you get eggs sooner too! Juveniles may still need a heat source depending the time of year, how they are kept and what housing they are in. If you have questions what age is best for your needs please ask us or choose adults as they will be fully feathered!

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