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Great for chicks in the beginning days of sugary water, vitamins and antibiotics. The narrow drinking space prevents small chicks such as quail, partridge or pheasant from getting wet and/or drowning. All transparent cups make it easy for chicks to find the water. Locking cup mechanism prevents tipping. The water chamber is circular to allow drinking from all directions. Typically used in our chick brooders.

Key Features

- Twist locking design
- Prevent overturning
- Prevent bird wetting


Capacity: 12 oz / 350 ml

Design: Circular drinking area

Dimensions & Weight:

- Disc: Diameter 4 1/2"
- Water Cup: Diameter: 3 1/4" x H: 3 1/4"
- Weight: 3 oz

Pieces Included:

- Clear Water Cup (1)
- Red Disc (1)

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