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Buddy is the King Rooster at North Star Farms!  Alaskan raised, Navy vet, Daddy, husband of 25 years, co owner, partner, and so much more to us!  His attention to detail and long hours of study has brought the farm nutrient cycle full circle.  He can now offer our freshly made feed directly to local customers.

Feed the best to reap the bounty of Bresse!

The same amazing recipe we use to make our Bresse chicks grow FAST from day zero!  Alfalfa, ground corn, soy meal, oatmeal, argonite, Poultry Nutribalancer, Show and Breeder Supplement, and the all important fishmeal!  We even toss in the chick grit so you won't have to!

 We also offer dairy routinely for gut health and a cocci preventative.  You can do this every week or so as a "treat."  A mouthful of milk will inoculate the gut with good bacteria and help build natural immunity.  For an added bonus, add raw eggs from your free ranging ladies to add immunoglobulins!

We DO add ACV to our chick water, 1t per quart for the first week.  Good bacteria will increase overall health, vigor, and feed to weight ratios for your chicks.  Remember, the immune system is in the GUT for both people and animals :)

Available in 50 and 100lb bags.  Freshly made to order weekly.

Preorder allows us to purchase your ingredients and have fresh feed available on the routine for your poultry needs. 

Feed Chick Starter until age of week 8-12 at which time you can swap to Chick Developer (coming soon!). 

100lbs will feed 100 chicks approximately 3 weeks and should be considered fresh for approximately 4-6 weeks at which time nutrition values diminish considerable.  Best to buy on the routine for the best results!  Store in a DRY environment away from heat sources.  In the summer in NC, store in air conditioned unit or pantry.  Keep away from all moisture sources and even better, use a dehumidifier in your storage areas.

LOCAL Pickup only ! Laurinburg NC

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