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This easy-to-purchase, easy-to-use Combi Extreme Kit has been designed to provide maximum protection against predators for your hens, and therefore provide maximum peace of mind for yourself.  Comprising of a ChickenGuard©Extreme unit, which is our beefiest door opener, and our unique, innovative self-locking door unit, your chickens can be safely tucked up in bed whilst you go out for the evening, and you can be safely tucked up in bed whilst your chickens are let out in the morning!  We know your hens are important to you, and they are to us too, and we are confident that once you have installed and used the Combi Extreme Kit, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

The ChickenGuard©Extreme is definitely our beefiest door opener, with the motor being upgraded to an impressive 2kg/4lbs capacity. This makes it ideal for use with larger, heavier doors and commercial coops, to keep foxes and other predators out of your hen houses.

It is just as simple to install as our other units and to program the timer (you still won’t need an 8-year-old to do that), and it can also be set to utilize the light (LUX) sensor for an additional opening and closing option. The full Manual Control Feature and unique Failsafe Mode also provide increased security and flexibility for timing. 

  • Opens & close your chicken coop using a timer & light sensor

  • Manually open and close your chicken coop with a push of a button

  • Extra powerful motor, ideal for extreme weather conditions, Works at -20 C / -4 F

  • Fully featured LCD display for ease of use

  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries (included)

  • Self-locking door

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