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Olive Eggers are hybrid chickens that typically lay various shades of olive-colored eggs. They are created by crossing a dark brown egg layer with a blue egg layer. A common cross is Creme Crested Legbar with a Black Copper Maran to create the olive colored eggs. 

Our Olive Eggers can be black, blue, white or chipmunk and will lay varying shades of olive with possible speckles and heavy blooms. With each passing generation, olive eggs will be darker, creating an increased risk of offspring laying brown eggs, we like to call these our Chocolate Eggers! The chicks you receive will be from our F1-F7 generations. 

There is also a small few with varying degrees of Fibro or Fibromelanism, in some of our Olive Egger flock. The Fibro Olive Eggers could give self-blue (lavender) or blue colored chickens depending on what cross is received. 


  • 200-300 eggs per year
  • Olive colored eggs, Varying degrees of speckles, blooms and possible brown
  • Straight Run, day old chicks
  • Average weight: 5.5 lbs hens / 7 lbs Roosters

    We also offer hatching eggs for this breed

    This chick may come leg banded for easy identification. Remove leg band within 7 days.

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