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Our First Champion, Casper

Don't mind the BlueKote, this guy is almost as white as they come! He was big (9.5lbs at 2yo), sweet, and a complete gentleman. With his characteristic long, sharp ended crow and his stink eye, Casper took care of teaching the young 'men' how to behave, watched over his own girls jealously, and was extremely fertile. He was everything we hoped to see in Bresse as a breed.

(He has since moved to TN to help another breeder's program)

Our Bresse

Bresse breeding is our sole purpose here at NORTH STAR FARMS. We are not multipliers or a big, fancy hatchery. We are a family run, small homestead where we have the time and patience to have quality, standardbred poultry. We maintain the highest standards of perfection within our breeding flocks so that you will see the results from day one.
We recently joined collaboration with AZ Chickens, our personal friends there in Texas and Arizona. We are happy to offer their beautiful quail and various breed chicks, which will ship or be picked up locally. They even have the hard to find Black Bresse and Blue Bresse sometimes available!
NORTH STAR FARMS is family owned and operated from egg collecting to chick box packing.  Everything is done in small batches and with attention to detail.
Every white Bresse chick that we sell was hatched from our own eggs, from our own
flocks, on our own property.  Every morsel of feed we made by hand on
the homestead.  We know what our white Bresse consume from day 0.
The price for something near perfection will always be high.  But why should you buy from NORTH STAR FARMS versus someone else with a lower price point and more readily available chicks?  Why wait for our Bresse?
Well, to put it shortly, our Bresse are Blessed.  They are continually culled and improved, generation to generation.  We are exclusive, white Bresse breeders.  Our foundation stock came directly from our mentor, who worked with the breed for 8 years.  We have continued his work, improving and developing the birds from the ground up according to a strict, proprietary rubric. We are not show people, we are homesteaders breeding for homesteads. Meat quality and carcass weights are our primary focus, with egg production taking second place.
NORTH STAR Bresse maintain the white earlobes, dark blue legs, and (*mostly*) white feathering of the French Bresse. We do have recessive and dominant as well as silver genetics. We are currently working our flock to remove all traces of red leakage on the shoulders/back as well as improve width and type aiming toward the meaty carcass we have grown to love.
To start with the very best representation of the breed available in
the USA, that is worth the initial ouch.  Once you have our birds, it is our goal that you will never have to purchase from us again.  You should be equipped with your own breeding stock from which to continue our line.  Educate yourself in poultry breeding and the heritage of Bresse in France.  Watch videos and see pictures of the Bresse in their native regions of France:
Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne, and Franche-Comté
And then, you will clearly see that we are working very hard to continue that time honored tradition here in the United States.
Our family is Alaskan. Buddy was raised in rural northeast (Northway) Alaska. I was raised in Illinois outside of Chicago. We met in college at Grace College and Seminary where I was studying music and Buddy was doing the Bible certificate program.
Married 24 years now, neither of us had any inkling in those early days of the hardships, challenges, life changes, and incredible adventures that would begin. Living first in Winona Lake, IN, then moving to Alaska, I (Jenn) taught music and string instruments/ quartet/orchestra.
7 years later we welcomed our first of 9 children. 3 miscarriages were interspersed among the 6 beautiful souls the Lord graced upon our hearts. We homeschool. The kids are all involved in every aspect of farm life, with a lot of freedoms most will never know. They eat amazing food, enjoy having both parents at home and involved, and each of them has contributed to the homestead in ways we would have only imagined.

City life never was for us. We longed to be out somewhere on our own land, close enough to town but far enough away that we could have chickens and target practice without issues.

In 2014, I became gravely ill (thyroid coma) and the family moved to NC to be close to the help of family. We quickly grew to love the warmth of the sunshine, the mild winters, and the Lord Blessed us abundantly with exactly what we needed: a Homestead of our very own.
We purchased Speckled Sussex and built our first coop for them. It didn't take long for Jenn to start doing selective breeding, butchering, and selling eggs. But the genetics were poor and they were just "hatchery" birds.
We found Swedish Homestead on Youtube (now Simeon and Alex, Formerly Swedish Homestead). They run The Sound Farmer program. And coincidentally, they raised and loved the white Bresse chicken.
Seeing their big, healthy thriving flock and how wonderful every detail matched what I did not see in my current breed, we took the plunge and purchased our first birds directly from Greenfire Farms.
The Bresse were almost everything we expected. They were big, beautiful, not tame but vigorous. They were sweet if handled early (and least the hens LOL). However, we saw orange feathers, odd body type, and other things we didn't want. We ended up keeping one rooster, ---Casper--who you can see in many of our early pictures, and a couple hens. We started hatching and working on type type type. THEN we butchered a group of young cockerals finished on milk and wheat/corn mash.
Our lives have never been the same! That roasted chicken with Julia Child's recipe was HEAVENLY!
So, since that day we replaced our stock with Keith Loeffler's gracious gifts to our family. We ate well and bred hard. We culled everything we could find, measured hips and weight gain, tried to keep as many white earlobes as possible. Dark legs and white feathers were shocking me. The meat kept on coming and the eggs were big, tasty, and easy to hatch.
We have not looked back. And we truly are proud of our birds. We are honored to have the journey together as a family. We are full time farmers without any other income.
Thank YOU for supporting our HOMESTEAD and God Bresse you Abundantly in all you do!




Big, beautiful birds. Tasty meals, rich breakfasts, and the glorious sounds of roosters in the morning! That's life here at NORTH STAR FARMS

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