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Our Catalyst Poultry Vitamin Liquid Formula is a liquid version of our classic Catalyst Poultry Vitamin. This 8 oz. variation of Catalyst is specially designed for folks with small-scale poultry operations or backyard chicken coops. It has the same vitamins and benefits as our classic powder Catalyst. This liquid formula is easier to apply and more efficient for smaller-scale flocks.

Benefits of Catalyst:
  • Highly absorbable
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps promote leg and bone development
  • Improves heart health, skin health and blood health
  • High concentration of vitamins per serving
  • Easily pours into coop waterers

Catalyst is also available in our Backyard Poultry Bundle. 

Are you a commercial poultry grower? Our dry product is made for commercial or large-scale poultry growers. It’s the classic version of Catalyst and comes in an 800g sealed bag.

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