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Catalyst is a highly absorbable powder packed with specially formulated, poultry-specific essential vitamins and minerals. To maximize performance, we recommend using Catalyst, our poultry vitamin supplement, with Big Ole Bird, our poultry probiotics. Designed to help promote overall health in poultry, Catalyst improves vitamin levels which have shown to improve leg and bone development, feather quality, heart health, skin health and blood health.

With Catalyst, a little goes a long way! This 800g bag is great for folks who have commercial or other large-scale poultry operations. For backyard flocks, check out our Liquid Formula for greater small-scale efficiency.

Benefits of Catalyst:

  • Highly absorbable powder
  • High concentration of vitamins per serving
  • Does not clog drinker lines
  • Easily dissolves in solution
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves heart, skin and blood health

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