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Elevate your poultry breeding experience with the revolutionary Cimuka CT120SH Automatic Egg Incubator—an innovation designed for efficiency, convenience, and optimal hatch rates. This incubator is crafted for hobbyists, educators, small farmers, homesteaders and poultry raisers alike. This incubator stands out as the best egg incubator for its superior features and benefits.

Unlike competitors, the CT120SH is a beacon of energy efficiency, ensuring you use less energy while achieving remarkable hatch rates. Say goodbye to additional purchases, as this all-in-one cabinet incubator comes complete with everything you need—no hidden costs or extra accessories required.

Experience the ease of operation with our user-friendly digital incubator design. The CT120SH, suitable for various bird species such as chicken, quail, turkey, partridge, pheasant, peacock, goose, and duck, offers hassle-free setup and operation. This model can set and hatch 120 chicken eggs and the quantities vary by egg size. Embrace the convenience of an automatic egg turner—an essential for any chicken egg incubator—and humidity/temperature sensors, providing a stress-free incubation process that requires minimal effort on your part.

Enjoy the freedom to set and hatch eggs effortlessly. With a capacity ranging from quail to goose and peacock eggs, the CT120SH adapts to your diverse poultry breeding needs. The Active Periodic Cooling (APC) technology mirrors the natural incubation process, enhancing hatch rates—especially critical for successful incubation of large eggs.

This digital marvel ensures consistent temperature and humidity levels with the AirRouteTM Ventilation System, certified IP55 and dust/humidity resistant. The HumisonicTM Humidity System adds precise humidity control, eliminating the need for wicking pads or sponges—streamlining your incubation process and reducing maintenance hassles.

Monitor your incubator conditions easily with the onboard display and receive alerts through the advanced control panel's alarm function if any deviations occur beyond your preset parameters. We recommend you keep your room temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Full access from both the front and back makes cleaning this cabinet incubator a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for your growing flock.

The CT120SH is not just a chicken egg incubator; it's a partner in your poultry-raising journey, offering unmatched efficiency, energy savings, and convenience. Upgrade your incubation game and make every hatching cycle a success. Choose Cimuka CT120SH—the ultimate solution for poultry enthusiasts who demand the best for their flocks.

Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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