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*Due to the deep discount already offered, free shipping only applies to Abigail's and Jenn's groups of chicks.*

Please watch the linked, 10 minute video for description and rationale behind NORTH STAR FARMS decision to offer these chicks.

Same amazing chicks, same beautiful meat, discounted for your chicken hoop coop, chicken tractor grow outs, meat run, or routine processing for local restaurant supplies, farmers markets, or your own table and family!

These chicks are our hatch culled chicks based on chick fuzz and leg color.  Because we upped our feed and our breeding ante, you reap the benefits.  We do hatch culls every week, removing what we don't consider "breeder quality" and we need to move them!

These are pure bred, white American Bresse.  They exhibit additional coloring due to the increase in amino acids and fat in our feed.  Questions about how that works?  Drop us a line, we would be happy to answer!~ (with Daniel's help of course : ) )

This is the perfect opportunity for you to grow some test runs of Bresse, have meat for the freezer, and decide if Bresse are for you!


Chicks will ship on your selected ship date below.

*for infrastructure questions* CONTACT US!

Our son Daniel is in charge of the meat production chicks and will be happy to help you.  Support our family business as we teach our kids the principals of marketing, sales, poultry husbandry, feed and nutrition as they continue their homeschooling journey! 

Daniel is 9 years old.  He has a passion for all things SALES oriented and he is an enormous enthusiast of not only poultry, but gardening.  He began by offering every customer that came to our property the opportunity to visit his garden and purchase his plants.  He has since been beside us desiring to learn the ins and outs of chick sales so he can support the farm and learn everything himself.  Quite impressive.

His other interests are A10 Warthogs, all things magnetic and electrical, and engineering.  His hobby is flying his drones about the property and he wants to start making videos for us with them.

Support Daniel in his endeavors to become a successful business man and electrical engineer/drone designer in the coming years.



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