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Jumbo Browns or some would call 'coturnix' quail are the definition of a dual purpose bird, laying approximately 300 eggs per year and can be butchered in 8-10 weeks of age at full maturity. When these birds reach full maturity they can weigh up to 14 ounces. Jumbos are a very solid and reliable food source for homesteaders and urban farmers. With how quickly they reach maturity at six weeks of age, laying eggs around 7-8 weeks old and reproduce insanely fast, they're small but might tool in your arsenal to becoming more self sufficient.


Quick facts:

  • Lay 300+ eggs per year
  • Dual purpose bird
  • Cold & heat hardy
  • Superfood egg
  • Quail do not carry salmonella, so eggs can be eaten raw
  • Mature at six weeks and begin to lay around 7-8 weeks old
  • Very quiet, perfect for anyone living in an HOA


We also offer chicks, juveniles and adults of this breed. 


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