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An excellent option for folks that don't want to wait for their hens to go into lay, size up eggs for a few months, and then hatch for their meat grow out.

This is a combo pack.  You will receive 10 of Abigail's "Crystal Feet" breeder chicks PLUS 10 of Daniel's NORTH STAR GAULOISE. 

They will be in separate boxes/clearly marked.  You will be able to see the difference between the chicks in fuzz/leg color! 

Simply mark your chicks with leg bands, zip ties, wing bands, or a dot of BlueKote to tell them apart as they grow.  Same amazing body type in both groups.  Same genetics, different purpose.

This option will allow you to grow out a group of meat chicks for butchering while at the same time growing up your very own breeder quality flock for the farm, homestead, restaurant, farmer's market sales, or just for pure joy.

NOTE: Please take the time to watch our videos.  If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to reach out.  We have old fashioned customer service.  We do answer the phone, we do answer emails, and we pride ourselves on taking time to serve our customers and fulfill their unique needs individually.  We hope to collaborate with you, and offer mentorship via our Patreon for all customers!

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