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Support Irwin's college fund! Irwin is solely responsible for customer service, egg collection, packaging, and shipping your eggs safely.  He is headed to Grace College and Seminary Fall 2024, and greatly appreciates the honor of serving you while saving up for expenses for his first semester.

The same beautiful eggs we hatch here on farm.  Freshly laid less than 24 hours old.
Clean eggs.  We DO NOT wash our hatching eggs.

We cannot guarantee hatch rates.  No replacements or refunds will be allowed.  By purchasing, you accept all risk, including in shipment.  We will do our utmost to insure that all eggs are packaged well, small end down, and well padded.  We have extensive experience shipping hatching eggs.  However, even the best wrapped box can be damaged, dropped, or have disconnected air sacs.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Put your eggs right way up and leave them alone for 24 hours before setting.

We incubate at 45% humidity, 99.5F from set to hatch.  We suggest you do the same.  We have found that peroxide in the water for both hatching and incubation makes a massive difference for successful hatches.  Add 1 cup of water to the hatcher cycle, for all incubation add 3T per 1/2 gallon of water.

Remove chicks promptly at 6-12 hours within hatch to a paper lined brooder.  Scatter feed everywhere.  Offer chick grit on day 3.  Chicks should be offered ample water, and of course, a warm, dry environment. 

Any questions, please reach out!

Shipping is flat rate 45.00 USPS Priority.  If you desire express shipping, please contact us.

WE SHIP ON MONDAYS except on holidays in which case they will ship Tuesday.

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