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As official "Chicken Queen in Residence" Jenn is the ultimate homestead momma.  Homeschooling 6, running business, office, home, hatchery, overseeing feed orders, phone lines, customer service, and holding the peace (mostly) around our sometimes chaotic, happy Home, Jenn is honored to offer the homestead KING and feast of Queens: White American Bresse.

From the humble beginnings of a small flock, Jenn started studying poultry genetics and with the overwhelming blessing of a local mentor, became the proud Chicken Momma of a small white American Bresse flock.  Working hard, culling hard, and keeping only the best of the best has proved out over 6 years.  We now have the BEST BRESSE IN NORTH AMERICA.  Hands Down.  There are NO OTHER farms that have the level of perfection we have worked so hard to achieve.  Don't sell yourself short with imitations!  Get the BEST first and save yourself the trouble.

Jenn's philosophy is "buy once, cry once."  It is her vision that you can purchase a small flock from our homestead and NEVER have to purchase poultry again.  You can expect enormous quantities of eggs, meat in abundance, and plenty of Bressing's on your table for the family.  From canning to freezing to freeze drying, all the way up to restaurant worthy gourmet, white American Bresse from NORTH STAR FARMS delivers.

WE EXCLUSIVELY FEED FERTRELL BASED FEEDS.  You MUST do the same to see and achieve the same results.  Nutrition will make the difference between fully expressed genetic potential and a mediocre flock.  Ask us for details and don't forget to join our Patreon for mentorship straight from the Chicken Mamma.

STRAIGHT RUN ONLY.  We do not sex our white Bresse chicks. 

Price per chick: $19.99

LIVE CHICK DELIVERY GUARANTEED.  Store credit will be issued for any losses.
MINIMUM order is 10 CHICKS on all WHITE AMERICAN BRESSE chick orders. 
Large order?  No problem!  Contact us with any questions.

We cull for TYPE so you wont have to.  Our breeding stock has been selected for size, blue leg color, meaty type, width of body, depth of body, weight gain, vigor, egg production/size, and broodiness intact.  These are to be considered breeding stock quality in regard to TYPE.  You will be expected to continue culling for desirable traits and coloring going forward.  We have bred to the point of consistent body type and growth over the last 6 years, adding to the prior 8 years of work that our mentor invested. 

Now we are working on correcting the "paint" on the "barn."

We do have genetics washing forward as we continue working our 14 year line.  2024 birds do have a higher rate of green or yellowish legs.  This is directly related to increasing the amino acids in the Fertrell based feed so that we can see and activate these genetics for breeding improvements.  At hatch, we cull out any chicks showing off leg color, which results in a much higher cost to our production/business.   We are not a hatchery.  We are a small farm with a passion for white American Bresse.  We are not show folks.  We are a big family, looking to have sustainable meat and eggs for generations, free of the big corporations or hatcheries.  Most of our customers are too!

By purchasing, you agree and understand that you will be expected to continue working forward as the birds age.  And while leg color does not change the flavor of meat or the overall quality of the bird, it is a breed standard which Bresse are known for and for which we will continue to strive.  We do NOT have any breeding stock on property which exhibits off leg color. 

If you have questions, you may either reach out to us, or you may feel free to study the incredibly complex world of Bresse breeding and poultry breeding for color in general.

With proper feed, you should see egg laying begin at 14-16 weeks old.  Hatchable egg size should be reached by 10-12 months old.  We do not recommend hatching pullet eggs.  It is best to wait for the young hens to reach maturity for best results.

DO plan to keep an eye on your young roosters.  They will have a lot of vigor and teenager spirit at first.  Be patient.  Allow them to work out their pecking order and their place in the flock.  Our roosters are not mean tempered.  They are highly vigorous, predator aware, and highly fertile.  We do recommend placing them in their own space/roo pen to allow them to work things out.  Keep the rooster in the middle of the pecking order.  The ones on the bottom (IE hiding in the corner) do not have fertility as desired.  The top "dogs" tend to be overly rough on hens and will carry forward their attitude.  DO give the roosters the benefit of the doubt.  A 1.5 year old Bresse rooster would be considered "sexually mature" and should be quite a bit different than his 14 week old self.  This is normal and to be expected.

DO plan to have ample roost room, correct feed and grit available from delivery onward, roosts, dust bathing areas, and nesting areas in place by age 16-18 weeks to set the hens' laying habits. 

Bresse require more room than other breeds.  DO have ample run space or free range them.  DO expect them to look for forage.  DO expect them to go broody.  These are homestead, farm and family birds with the added bonus of amazing meat and eggs.  They are not pet chickens.  While they can be and often are very friendly, consider them to be highly capable of survival on the farm.  They do not need coddling.  They just need a dry, draft free environment, ample ventilation, and highly nutritious food.

BRESSE do not do well in a Salatin style chicken tractor.  If you intend to use this method to raise them, we have received many recommendations from our customers to use hoop style chicken tractors.  Plan on about 100% more space per bird than a typical Cornish / Red Ranger. 

Our line lays 5-6 eggs weekly on our Fertrell Breeder Layer recipe.

We feed and recommend FERTRELL based recipes we make here on farm.  If you feed inferior nutrition, you will not have good results.  Pay more now for better feed, and you will see massive results on the other side.  More eggs, more meat, healthier birds, less disease and pest issues.  You wouldn't want to live on cereal, so don't expect your birds to do it either.  Read your labels.  Learn about amino acids, fat requirements, vitamins, trace minerals, and general poultry nutrition.  A little study will make your experience exponentially better and keep your birds in lay, your meat freezer full, and your birds healthy for years to come.

Join Poultry Breeder Nutrition on Facebook.  Like and subscribe to Poultry Keepers 360.  Get educated. 

Our reputation here at NORTH STAR FARMS speaks for itself.  We are blessed and privileged to have the very best customers in all lower 48 US States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and even the Philippines! We are currently looking to expand sales into Canada and Mexico.  Contact us with questions about your order if you are outside of the USA.

We will gladly mentor you and help you make final breeding decisions.  Our time is extremely valuable, and so is yours.  Let us help you enjoy all the amazing qualities BRESSE have to offer.  Consider supporting our farm while gaining benefits!

Our Patreon link is
We are on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Telegram at NorthStarBresseOfficial
Join us for chicken chatting, updates on the family, and free advice.

Contact us for questions before purchase.  All sales are final.

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